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PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Super Collaboration in 2.7 Update

PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Super Collaboration In 2 7 Update

PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update Is Finally Rolling Out

A pyramid of exciting new content is added to the 2.7 version update, including Dragon Ball-themed modes, fan-favorite Dragon Ball characters and their special skills, move sets, new landmarks, and much much more. Are you curious? Prepare yourself and get ready for the landing of an infinite amount of new things in PUBG Mobile. Now let’s walk through all the key highlights of the 2.7 update in detail.

The wait is over now as the much-awaited PUBG Mobile 2.7 update has been released on July 13th, 2023. Featuring its partnership with Dragon Ball Super, PUBG Mobile gives Dragon Ball series manga and anime fans a perfect chance to fight like their favorite Dragon Ball fighter! Here’s everything we know so far about the PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update!

PUBG Mobile 2.7 Version Update: Highlights

Among the unprecedented amount of new content updated in the 2.7 update, there are some awesome features you should never miss out on. For example:

  • The dragon Sheron
  • Flying skill Buku-jutsu
  • Kamehame Beam attack
  • Air car
  • Dragon Ball fighters
  • Assault rifle ACE32

Are there any new updates you are expecting for a long time? Update PUBG Mobile now on your mobile and begin your journey in the World of Dragon Ball Super!

In PUBG Mobile 2.7 version update, the devs made great improvements to the classic game modes. To keep players engaged, PUBG Mobile creates made some changes to the classic game modes and creates two new modes to the 2.7 update, and they are Dragon Ball Super Themed mode and Battle Royale Dragon Ball Super.

PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update: Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode

Available: 2023/7/11 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/9/4 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Supported Maps: Erangel, Livik, & Sanhok

The Legendary Dragon – Shenron

Once a player collects 7 dragon balls scattered throughout the map, he will be able to summon Shenron to the battlegrounds, make you a wish at the Shenron Altar, and also get you powerful “buffs”! Some players in luck can even get three wishes!

The character Attribute – “Ki” Energy

Release the “Ki” button to unleash powerful skills. Keep gathering “Ki” energy as you go during your Dragon Ball World journey. They are acquired when you cast cool skills Buku-jutsu, Kamehameh, and Senzu Bean.

Levitation Technique – Buku-jutsu

Use Buku-jutsu to fly freely in mid-air for long range at a fast speed. When you activate the Buku-jutsu skill, you will gain a burst of speed to fly. Long-range flying experiences are supported.

Beam Weapon – Kamehame

Kamehame beam Cannon involves a beam of energy. Charge up and it will release a continuous and high damage beam attack. Unleash powerful beams to kill!

Recovery Item – Senzu Bean

You can recover lost health points and energy points immediately, and regain most of the “Ki ” energy you collected.

Reliable Scanner – Dragon Radar

Dragon Radar offers players quick searches for crates and dragon balls.

Cool Vehicle – Air Car

Air Car is also named “Hoipoi Capsule” – Easy to carry. Small like a capsule. Transform into a 3-seat vehicle when you throw it into the air.

Loads of New Environments

New areas added to the PUBG Mobile 2,7 include Dragon Ball Village, Kame House, Karin Tower, and Tenkaichi Budokai.

Dragon Ball trial

Co-op with your teammates, gather all seven dragon balls hidden in the crates or many other places. Fighting alone will not win you the game. Summon Shernron when you are in need. Everyone who participates in the game can locate you easily, so be careful and get ready for your intense dragon ball trial fights!

PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update: Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

Available: 2023/7/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/9/4 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Supported Map: 1.6km×1.6km square battlefield in anime-style with all brand new environments.

5 Dragon Ball Fighters

Five Dragon Ball Characters introduced in the PUBG Mobile 2.7 update include Son Goku, Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, and Frieza.

ACE32 firearm

ACE32 is a 7.62-millimeter ammo rifle that has 6 attachment slots. Aim at your target and shoot to kill with high accuracy. (Available on All Maps)

New Cycle 5 Season 13

Cycle 5 Season 13 is set to release on July 18th, 2023. Follow PUBG Mobile’s official account on social media platforms to get the latest news and updates about the Cycle 5 Season 13 game.

A Historic Collaboration Between PUBG Mobile And Dragon Ball Super

These two power brands, revealed by PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account, are coming together to bring all fans to a fantastic collab event, featuring many familiar faces in Dragon Ball Super anime. This ground-breaking collaboration will let players join intense battle royale action in an epic world in the theme of Dragon Ball Super anime which can easily recall your childhood memories.

Since PUBG Mobile has launched globally, it has partnerships with many Japanese animes, for instance, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen, League of Legends’ hit Netflix series Arcane, etc. It seems that Dagon Ball Super is one of its favorites, among many globally acclaimed animes and animated titles.

Early in August 2022, PUBG Mobile teamed up with Dragon Ball Super and that is the first time they held a crossover event together. And what more unforgettable experience will be provided this time?

Many Interesting Things to Experience in PUBG Mobile 2.7 Update

This upcoming partnership scheduled to be introduced to PUBG Mobile 2.7 update in July will blend the two successful hit titles again and present Dragon Ball Super lovers with a world fulfilled with their highly-anticipated mighty fighters, themed-based items and exclusive in-game rewards.

One of the highlights of this mega collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super is three Dragon Ball Super characters: Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. Each of the fighters has powerful abilities and skills.

Also, players can customize their characters with exclusive costumes and accessories in the aesthetic of Dragon Ball Super. Amazing transformation experiences inspired by the anime such as “Son Goku goes Super Saiyan” can also be triggered with a Dragon Ball. To activate transformation effects, players need to collect a certain amount of Dragon Balls, which players can redeem for powerful transformations and also power-ups. Places with beautiful views worthwhile to discover and explore include Capsule Corp and the mythical hyperbolic time chamber in the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.7 update.